A Gallery of Theatregoers

Theatregoers and the necessities of theatregoing on postcards.

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Arriving at the theatre

Germany - Berlin: Schauspielhaus / Konzerthaus
Schauspielhaus, Berlin

Austria - Bad Ischl: Kurtheater
Emperor Franz Joseph arrives at the spa theatre of Bad Ischl, c. 1905

Austria - Wien: Staatsoper
Staatsoper, Wien

Germany - Muenchen: Prinzregententheater
Prinzregententheater, München

France - Paris: Opéra (Palais Garnier)
Opéra (Palais Garnier), Paris

Germany - Bayreuth: Festspielhaus
Festspielhaus, Bayreuth

Germany: Berlin: Konzertsaal der HfM
Konzertsaal der HfM, Berlin

Germany: Hamburg: Hansa-Theater
Hansa-Theater, Hamburg

Germany - Hannover: GOP Varieté-Theater
GOP Varieté-Theater, Hannover

Slovenia - Ljubljana: Opera
Opera, Ljubljana

USA - New York: Imperial Theatre
Imperial Theatre, New York, in the 1990s

USA - New York: Majestic Theatre
Majestic Theatre, New York, in the 1990s

Buying tickets

London: Aldwych Theatre / District Messengers of London
District Messengers hired to retain good places at the Aldwych Theatre, London

USA - New York: Lyric Theatre, 3rd Avenue
Lyric Theatre, 3rd Avenue, New York

Brighton: Theatre Royal
Theatre Royal, Brighton

At the cloakroom

[Cloakroom - Postcard by Oscar Bluhm]
At the cloakroom (postcard by Oscar Bluhm, 1867-1912)

Strolling the foyers

Germany - Dresden: Semperoper
Hofoper (Semperoper), Dresden

USA - Chicago: Iroquois Theatre (Colonial Theatre)
Iroquois Theatre, Chicago, c. 1903

France - Paris: Opera (Palais Garnier)
Opéra (Palais Garnier), Paris

Austria - Wien: Staatsoper
Staatsoper, Wien

Austria - Wien: Burgtheater
Burgtheater, Wien

Germany - Berlin: Metropoltheater (Komische Oper)
Metropoltheater, Berlin

USA - New York: Metropolitan Opera
Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center, New York

United Kingdom - Paignton: Festival Theatre
Festival Theatre, Paignton

USA - Los Angeles CA: Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles

germany - Dresden: Semperoper (post-1985)
Semperoper, Dresden
Before the curtain rises

Austria - Berndorf: Stadttheater
Stadttheater, Berndorf

Austria - Graz: Opernhaus

Germany - München: Cuvillies-Theater (Altes Residenztheater)
Altes Residenztheater, München

France - Paris: Opera-Comique
Opéra-Comique, Paris

Belgium  - Bruxelles: Palais des Beaux-Arts / Brussel: Paleis voor Schone Kunsten
Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles

Watching the performance

Austria - Wien: Redoutensäle
Redoutensäle, Wien, 1760

Bayreuth: Markgraefliches Opernhaus
Baroque reenactment for a movie at the Markgräfliches Opernhaus, Bayreuth

Kärtnertortheater, Wien, ca. 1820

Park Theatre, New York, 1822

France - Paris: Opera (Palais Garnier)
Opéra, Paris

USA - New York: American Theatre
Ted Mark's Big Sunday Night Concert
American Theatre, New York City, 1901-1902

Germany - Oybin: Waldtheater
An open-air crowd at Waldtheater, Oybin

Japan - Nagasaki: Unidentified Theatre
Tea during the performance at a theatre in Nagasaki, Japan

The Netherlands - Amsterdam: Stadsschouwburg
Martin Monnickendam: Spectators in a box in the Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg, 1912

Germany - Braunschweig: Staatstheater
The ducal box at the Court Theatre, Braunschweig, 1913

Germany - Leipzig: Schauspielhaus (old)
Schauspielhaus, Leipzig

Teatro della Concordia, Montecastello di Vibio, 1929

Germany - Berlin: Scala
Variety at the Scala, Berlin, c. 1932

Germany - Essen: Kleinkunstbuehne
Housewives' afternoon at a variety theatre, Essen

USA - New York: Metropolitan Opera (old)
Gala opening at the old Metropolitan Opera, New York

[Pitlochry: Festival Theatre (old)]
Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Russia - Moskva: Bolshoi Teatr
Bolshoi Theatre, Moskva

Poland - Cieszyn: Teatr im. Adama Mickiewicza
Teatr im. Adama Mickiewicza, Cieszyn

Germany - Berlin: Waldbühne
Waldbühne, Berlin

Germany - Oberhausen: Luise-Albertz-Halle
Luise-Albertz-Halle, Oberhausen

Germany - Weimar: Deutsches Nationaltheater
Deutsches Nationaltheater, Weimar

France - Le Havre: Le Volcan
Le Volcan, Le Havre

Germany - Erfurt: Theater (new)
Theater, Erfurt


France - Paris: Opéra (Palais Garnier)
Patrons meeting ballerinas during an intermission
at the Paris Opéra - a favourite erotic pastime of the era

United Kingdom - London: London Coliseum
Tea Room at the London Coliseum, c. 1905

[Pitlochry: Festival Theatre (new)]
Bar at Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Ireland - Wexford: Theatre Royal
Theatre Royal patrons during an intermission
of Wexford Festival Opera

Germany - Hannover: Opernhaus
Champagne at Opernhaus Hannover

Germany - Bayreuth: Festspielhaus
Intermission is over!
(Fanfare at the Festspielhaus, Bayreuth)


Germany - Weimar: Deutsches Nationaltheater
A gala performance at the Weimar Court Theatre

USA - Sarasota: Asolo Theatre
Asolo Theatre, Sarasota

Germany - Essen: Saalbau (new)
Maria Callas, Saalbau, Essen, 1962

United Kingdom - London: Royal Festival Hall
Maria Callas and Giuseppe di Stefano, Royal Festival Hall, London, 1973

Germany - Hamburg: Staatsoper
Staatsoper, Hamburg

Germany - Ludwigshafen: Prinzregenten-Theater
Prinzregenten-Theater, Ludwigshafen

Austria - Wien: Konzerthaus
Konzerthaus, Wien

Ireland - Wexford: National Opera House
National Opera House, Wexford

Brazil - Belem: Theatro da Paz
Theatro da Paz, Belém

Germany - Freiberg (Sachsen): Stadttheater
Stadttheater, Freiberg

Leaving the theatre

Germany - Duesseldorf: Apollo-Theater
Apollo-Theater, Düsseldorf

Austria - Wien: Burgtheater
Burgtheater, Wien

Austria - Wien: Burgtheater
Burgtheater, Wien

Germany - Dortmund: Stadttheater (old)
Stadttheater, Dortmund

Germany - München: Nationaltheater
Nationaltheater, München

Austria - Klagenfurt: Konzerthaus
Konzerthaus, Klagenfurt

Switzerland - Zurich: Opernhaus
Stadttheater (Opernhaus), Zürich

Switzerland - Geneve: Grand Theatre
Grand-Théâtre, Genève

United Kingdom - London: St. James Theatre
St. James Theatre, London

Germany - Bernburg: Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Theater
Stadttheater, Bernburg

Monaco - Opéra Monte-Carlo
Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Monaco - Opéra Monte-Carlo
Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

The Netherlands - Den Haag: Capitol
The Queen leaving the Capitol Cinema, Den Haag, 1936

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