London: The Globe (1599)

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London SE1
Location: Bankside

Built 1599 by Cuthbert and Richard Burbage, using timber from "The Theatre" in Shoreditch (London's first permanent playhouse that was thus demolished). Apparently named after the figure of Hercules bearing the globe, as showed on the theatre's sign. Destroyed by a fire on 29 June 1613 after two cannons had been fired off during a performance of Shakespeare's "Henry VIII."

[ In 1614, a new "Globe", built from tiles, was erected on the same site. Demolished in 1644.]

Notable world premieres:

  • William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar (21 Sep 1599*)
  • William Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida (probably 1601/1602)
  • William Shakespeare: Macbeth (20 Apr 1611*)
  • William Shakespeare: The Winter's Tale (15 May 1611*)
  • William Shakespeare: Henry VIII. (29 June 1613*)
* earliest recorded production

Links: Wikipedia, Theatres Trust

London: The Globe Front Text: "The Globe Theatre in the days of Shakespeare, George Pycroft, Del."
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

London: The Globe (1599) For a picture of all stamps in this series, see London: "Bankside Theatres".
Front Text: "The Globe 1599"
Reverse Text: "Shakespeare's Globe (The Globe 1599). Reproduced from a stamp designed by C Walter Hodges and issued by Royal Mail on 8 August 1995"
Publisher: Royal Mail Stamp Card Series; PHQ 172(c) 8.95; 1995
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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