Groningen: Stadsschouwburg

Country: Netherlands (Nederland)
Province: Groningen
City: Groningen

Built 1883 by F. W. van Gendt with H. P. Vogel, at the site of the former "Kruithuis". Closed 1976 due to safety problems. Subsequently major renovation by Duintjer. 700 seats.


Groningen: Stadsschouwburg Front Text: "Groningen, Schouwburg"
Publisher: Weenenk & Snel, den Haag
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Groningen to Görlitz (Germany), 1928

Groningen: Stadsschouwburg Front Text: "Groningen"
Reverse Text: "Groningen, Stadsschouwburg"
Publisher: Gebr. Spanjersberg, Capelle
Size: Modern
Sent: to Metelen (Germany), 1991

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