Pitlochry: Festival Theatre (old)

Country: Scotland, United Kingdom
Historic County: Perthshire
City: Pitlochry
Location: Lower Oakfield

Built 1953 by John Stewart and Kenneth Ireland, replacing a non-permanent festival tent (opened 19 May 1951). Used for drama performances by the annual Pitlochry Festival. 502 seats.

[A new Pitlochry Festival Theatre was opened 1981 on another site in Port-na-Craigh Road.]

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Pitlochry: Festival Theatre (old) Front Text: "Festival Theatre - Pitlochry", above left: "The Auditorium", above right: "The Foyer", centre: "The Entrance", below left: "Foyer & Brown Trout", below right: "The Tea Gardens"
Publisher: Valentine & Sons Ltd., Dundee and London; B.7743
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Sent: from Pitlochry to Burgh next Aylsham, 1957

Pitlochry: Festival Theatre (old) Front Text: "Pitlochry Festival Theatre"
Reverse Text: "Pitlochry Festival Theatre, 'Scotland's Theatre in the Highlands'. 1. The Theatre Tea Gardens and Sun Lounge - 2. The Entrance Porch - 3. The Theatre Restaurant, 'The Brown Trout' - 4. The Stage and Auditorium"
Publisher: J. Arthur Dixon Ltd., Inverness; 4369
Size: Modern
Sent: from Pitlochry to Goole, 1966

Pitlochry: Festival Theatre (old) Reverse Text: "Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Perthshire. The stage and auditorium. The extraordinary success of the Theatre is due partly to the beautiful Highland setting of this famour tourist centre. But its success owes most to the excellence of its productions and playgoers from far and wide have accepted the invitation to 'stay six days and see six plays'. The unusual fan-shaped auditorium seats 502"
Publisher: J. Arthur Dixon Ltd., Inverness
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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