München: Schweiger-Theater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Bayern
City: München
Location: Sonnenstraße / Karlstor

Folk theatre named after the Schweiger family of actors and impresarios.

Built for the actor and impresario, Josef Schweiger. Used by the folk theatre company that had previously operated at the "Theater auf dem Anger" (also known as "Lipperl-Theater" or "Kreuzertheater"). Demolished ca. 1825 in favour of the Matthäuskirche church.

[In 1824, the company moved to their summer theatre on Praterinsel. In 1830, the theatre company moved to a new theatre in Lilienstraße in the Munich suburb of Au. Another Schweiger folk theatre opened 1848 in Müllerstraße as "Isar-Vorstadt-Theater", operated by Josef's nephew, Max Schweiger, who from 1849 also led the Lilienstraße theatre. All Schweiger theatres closed in Sep 1865 after the owners of the newly established "Actien-Volkstheater" (Theater am Gärtnerplatz) had bought the theatre company.]

Muenchen: Schweiger-Theater Reverse Text: "Münchner Stadtmuseum, Ferdinand Schiesl (1775 bis um 1820) - Schweigertheater vor dem Karlstor in München, 1809 (Sammlung Carlo Proebst)"
Publisher: Münchner Stadtmuseum
Type: modern reproduction of an old engraving
Size: Modern
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