München: Theater auf dem Anger

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Bayern
City: München
Location: St.-Jakobs-Platz (formerly: Anger)

Street comedy theatre operated by the Italian impresario, Lorenzo Lorenzoni. Famous for the comic servant role of "Lipperl", created by Franz Maria Schweiger in 1776, hence also known as "Lipperl-Theater". Also known as "Kreuzer-Theater" [Penny Theatre] relating to the cheap entrance fees. Later, the company was operated by Josef Schwaiger and moved to a newly built theatre on Sonnenstraße (see Schweiger-Theater).

Muenchen: Theater auf dem Anger Picture: painting by Joseph Stephan, ca. 1780, Deutsches Theatermuseum, München
Reverse Text: "Theater-Museum, München - Wanderne Komödianten auf dem Anger in München um 1780; nach einem Ölgemälde"
Publisher: Serie I,9
Type: reproduction of an old painting
Size: Classic
Not sent.

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