Fritz Wunderlich - The Great German Tenor


Fritz-Wunderlich-Gesellschaft e. V.

Wunderlich rooms at the Kusel Museum c/o Stadt- und Heimatmuseum
Marktstrasse 27
66869 Kusel

The Fritz-Wunderlich-Gesellschaft e. V., Kusel, has been founded in 1986 to honour the memory of the great singer by organizing concerts, propagating issues and reissues of records, radio recordings and books as well as supporting all sorts of documentation. Another goal is the support of young artists.

At the communal museum of Kusel, the society maintains a rich collection of records, video tapes, pictures and all kinds of memorabilia, including original stage costumes. The museum is open daily (except of Mondays), 2 - 5 p.m.

The society also has an excellent web site:

Fritz Wunderlich Society Holland

For all Dutch friends of Fritz Wunderlich, there is the F. W. Society Holland. Among other things, it offers a newsletter including information about new CDs. Those interested may contact Mr. Piet Boers for further information.

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