Strauss: Die schweigsame Frau op. 80

Wunderlich's Salzburg debut part and first co-operation with Hermann Prey. Salzburger Festspiele production. Directed by Günther Rennert. ORF live mono recording, rec. at Festspielhaus Salzburg, 1959-08-06.

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CDDG 445 335-2 Festspieldokumente / Strauss Opera Edition (2 CD)
CDDG 445 491-2GX21 (part of "Strauss Opera Edition", 21 CD)
CDMelodram MEL 27071 (2 CD)
LPMelodram MEL 105 (3 LP)
LPThe Golden Age of Opera EJS 365 (3 LP)

Excerpts on
CD Verona 28044/45 ("Du süßester Engel" on "FW Recital - Opera Arias & Songs", 2 CD)

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