Singapore: Chinese Opera Stages

Country: Singapore (Singapura)
City: Singapore
Location: [unidentified]

Singapore: Chinese Opera Stages Reverse Text: "Open Air Opera Performance, Singapore"
Publisher: ?; 5241B
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Singapore: Chinese Opera Stages Front Text: "Chinese Opera, Singapore"
Reverse Text: "Chinese Opera: The ancient classical opera of China is still performed in Singapore, both by professional companies and by talented amateurs. Touring companies set up their stages in urban and rural areas to mark some festival, clan or association celebration or private ceremony. To the Western eye, stages do not look very sophisticated, but the costumes have an unmatched brilliance in the world of the theatre."
Publisher: John Hinde, Dublin; 2SGP21
Size: Modern
Sent: from Singapore to Limoges (France), 1978

Singapore: Chinese Opera Stages Reverse Text: "Postcard image shows a Chinese Opera singer applying his stage makeup berfore a performance"
Publisher: Page One Publishing Pte Ltd, [Singapore]; 2010; 8886461002621
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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