Beirut: Rivoli Cinema

Country: Lebanon (Libnan; Liban)
City: Beirut (Bayrut, Beyrouth)
Location: Place des Martyrs

Cinema, built on the former site of the "Petit SÚrail" administration building. Opened 1953. Demolished in 1993 in order to provide a sightline from the square to the sea. Currently a carpark occupies the site.

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Beirut: Rivoli Cinema Reverse Text: "1373 Beirut Rivoli Square. Place du Rivoli"
Publisher: Photo Sport - Bab Edriss Souk Seyour, Beyrouth
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Sent: from Beirut to Hofheim/Taunus (Germany) [stamp and most of the postmark removed]

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