Shanghai: Expo Arts Hall

Country: China
City: Shanghai
Location: Shanghai Expo

Multi-purpose event venue of the Shanghai Expo 2010. Later known as "Variety Hall at Puxi Park" and "Shanghai Gamefy e-Sports Arena".

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Shanghai: Expo Arts Hall Reverse Text: "Arts Hall. L'Hall des Arts. Veranstaltungshalle.", "Arts Hall is rebuilt from the processing factory located in the western section of Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) CO., Ltd. It will undertake the spectial performance function of Puxi site during the Expo. The original factory workshops were rebuilt, with the original external enclosure system removed, part of the steel structure and the steel truss left and houses newly-built internally, to meet the requirements of buildings for watching and performing on the basis of continuing the historical context of industrial buildings."
Publisher: Shanghai Scientific and Technical Publishers
Size: Modern
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