Shanghai: Shanghai Concert Hall

Country: China
City: Shanghai
Location: 523 Yan'an Donglu (formerly Avenue Edward VII)

Built 1930 by a Chinese architect as "Nanking Theatre" on the site of a former cemetery. Opened 25 Mar 1930 with the movie, Broadway. Originally used as a cinema. 1949 renamed "Beijing Movie Theatre". 1959 renamed "Shanghai Concert Hall"/"Shanghai Yinyueting". Since 1959, used for symphonic concerts. 2002-2003 the whole building is moved to the South by 100 metres. 1122 seats.

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Shanghai: Shanghai Concert Hall Front Text: "Nanking Theatre (Now Shanghai Concert Hall), Famous for Showing Western Movies in 1930s", inscription: "Nanking", marquee: advertising the 1934 movie, "Tarzan and his Mate"
Publisher: Shanghai Library; Treasured Collections
Size: 20.3 x 13.9 cm
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