Macau / Àomén : Teatro Dom Pedro V

Country: China
City: Macau / Àomén
Location: Calcada do Teatro / Largo de Santo Agostinho

Also known as "Teatro de Santo Agostinho" or "Cinema de Santo Agostinho".

Built 1858-1860 by Pedro Marques. Named in honour of Pedro V (1837-1861), King of Portugal. 1873 addition of facade. 1915-1929 used as a cinema and renamed "Teatro Ma Gau", later "Cinema Macau". From the 1930s again used for live theatre, and adult entertainment shows. Closed in the 1980s. Re-opened in 1993 after major restorations. Used as a concert hall. 360 seats.

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Macau / Àomén: Teatro Dom Pedro V Stamp (Macau, 1972)
Text: "1º Centenário do Teatro D. Pedro V 1872-1972"

Macau / Àomén: Teatro Dom Pedro V Reverse Text: "Teatro D. Pedro V"
Publisher: Ed. José Martins, Macau
Type: Maximum Card
Size: Modern
Not sent.
Detail (Stamp, Macau, 1984):
Macau / Àomén: Teatro Dom Pedro V

Macau / Àomén: Teatro Dom Pedro V Front Text: "Dom Pedro V Theatre - Macau" - "Macau World Heritage Collection"
Reverse Text: "8. Dom Pedro V Theatre. Build in 1860 as the first western-style theatre in China, with a seating capcity of 300, it has survived as highly significant cultural landmark in the context of the local macanese community and reamins a venue for important public events and celebrations."
Publisher: Tam Keng Art House Edition
Size: 17.8 x 12.9 cm
Sent: from Hong Kong to Werdau (Germany), 2007

Macau / Àomén: Teatro Dom Pedro V Reverse Text: "Dom Pedro V Theatre. The first western style theatre in China built in 1860."
Publisher: MAcau World Cultural Heritage Postcard
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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