Lagos: National Theatre

Country: Nigeria
City: Lagos
Location: Surulere, Iganmu

Built 1976 by Bulgarian construction companies, resembling the Palace of Sports and Culture in Varna (Bulgaria). Main hall: 5000 seats.

In 2015, sold to a business conglomerate for conversion into a duty-free shopping mall.

Notable world premieres:

  • Wole Soyinka: King Baabu (6 August 2001)

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Lagos: National Arts Theatre Front Text: "This is Nigeria"
Reverse Text: "National Theatre, Nigeria, the most populous country in black Africa, has a complex variety of culture and religious beliefs both of which are intricately interwoven. The impact of modern technology on this traditional way of life creates an inevitable dilemma in the field of agriculture, language, music and the economy."
Publisher: University Bookshop Nigeria; Dexter Press West Nyack NY; 33510-0
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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Lagos: National Arts Theatre Reverse Text: "Lagos, National Theatre"
Publisher: Elisabeth Serliki, Lagos; Nr. 128
Size: Modern
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Lagos: National Arts Theatre Front Text: "National Theatre Lagos"
Reverse Text: "National Theatre"
Publisher: Jolufeso Pictures; 6563
Size: Modern
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