Williamstown, MA: Adams Memorial Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Massachusetts
City: Williamstown
Location: Williams College campus; 1000 Main Street

Theatre of Wiliams College, built 1941 by Hoyle, Cram and Ferguson. Named "Adams Memorial Theatre" in honour of John Quincy Adams (not the president, but the father of a major donor). 200 seats. 2005 major extension and renovations by William Rawn Associates, re-opened as "'62 Center for Theatre and Dance" (with two new theatre halls with 550 seats and 220 seats respectively), named after the graduation class of 1962. The original Adams Memorial Theatre is home to the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

Links: facilities.williams.edu, Wikidata

Williamstown, MA: Adams Memorial Theatre Reverse Text: "Adams Memorial Theatre, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass."
Publisher: New England Novelty Co., Adams MA; Plastichrome; P18215
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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