Vicksburg, MS: Showboat Sprague

Country: United States of America
State: Mississippi
City: Vicksburg

Built 1901 as towboat "Sprague". After 1949 moored in Vicksburg and converted into a museum and theatre. Destroyed by a fire in 1979. Remains still extant in Vicksburg.

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Vicksburg, MS: Showboat Sprague Front Text: inscription: "Sprague"
Reverse Text: "The 'Showboat' Sprague, Vicksburg, Mississippi. The mighty steamer Sprague, largest sternwheel towboat ever built, is now permantenly docker at Vicksburg. It houses a 'River Hall of Fame' and during the month of March each year is the scene of Showboat Time, wherein the Dixie Showboat Players present the Gay Nineties melodrama, 'Gold in the Hills.' Open to the public daily throughout the year."
Publisher: Deep South Specialties, Jackson MS; DS-501
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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