Spokane, WA: Expo '74 - Kodak Bubble Theater

Country: United States of America
State: Washington
City: Spokane
Location: Expo '74 grounds

Temporary cinema, used during the 1974 world's fair. 200 seats.

Link: Wikipedia: Expo '74

Spokane, WA: Expo '74 - Kodak Bubble Theater Front Text: "Kodak 'Bubble' Theater; expo '74 World's Fair Spokane, USA"
Reverse Text: "Eastman Kodak air-supported 'bubble' theater seats 200 fair-goers for a movie on environment. The theater, of plastic-impregnated fabric, is adjoined by a diamond-shaped structure in which the Expo visitors can await entrance to the movie. Experts will advise fair-goers on their photography questions. The exhibit occupies 4,000 square feet.", "'Celebrating tomorrow's fresh new en-vironment.' Glistening islands and river-banks of the Spokane River, open spaces with colorful plazas, dancing fountains, gardens and greenery, and many world-wide pavilions and exhibits. All created to illustrate that Man can live, work and play in harmony with his environment."
Publisher: Seville Enterprises, Miami FL; Mike Roberts, Berkeley CA; Official Expo'74 World's Fair Card; B4969
Size: Modern Not sent.

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