Point Counterpoint

Country: United States of America
Location: [touring]

Floating stage of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra, designed by Louis Kahn in 1961.

[In 1976 a new barge named "Point Counterpoint II" was built for the orchestra, also designed by Kahn.]

Link: Wikipedia: American Wind Symphony Orchestra

United States: Point Counterpoint Reverse Text: "The American Wind Symphony Orchestra. Lights from the barge of the American Wind Symphony Orchestra illuminate the night scene at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongehela Rivers at Pitsburgh's Golden Trianle. The world's first wind symphony orchestra, established in Pittsburgh in 1957, performs during the summer season in Pittsburgh and throughout the Inland Waterways of the United States on a specially-designed barge. The founder and music director of this unique musical organizatiojn is Robert Austin Boudreau."
Publisher: H. S. Crocker, Chicago IL; Mirro-Krome
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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