Scottsdale, AZ: Six Gun Action Theater

Country: United States of America
State: Arizona
City: Scottsdale

Open-air theatre in the former "Rawhide" western town theme park (North of Scottsdale).

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Scottsdale, AZ: Six Gun Action Theater Reverse Text: "Six Gun Action Theater. Cheer the hero and hiss the villian in Rawhide's live action theater where damsels in distress are saved by the daring feats of cowboy shootouts and 'failing off the roof' stuntmen. Root for your favorite old time cowboy at Rawhide's Six Gun Action Theater. Rawhide, Arizona's favorite 1880s town, is located just four miles north of Bell Road on Scottsdale Road in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona."
Publisher: Smith-Southwestern, Tempe
Size: Modern
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