San Francisco, CA: Tivoli Opera House (3rd)

Country: United States of America
State: California
City: San Francisco
Location: Mason Street / Eddy Street

Opened 1884 as a panorama building. 1892 or 1893 reopened as "Peoples Palace Music Hall", 1895 renamed "Circus Royal and Venetian Water Carnival", 1896 again "Peoples Palace", 1898 "Olympia Music Hall". 1903 rebuilding, re-opened 23 Dec 1903 as "Tivoli Opera House" (3rd of that name after the nearby 1879 Tivoli Opera House at 30 Eddy Street, closed in 1903). Destroyed by the 18 April 1906 earthquake and subsequent fire. [The Ambassador Hotel was later built on the site.]

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San Francisco, CA: Tivoli Opera House (3rd) Front Text: "Tivola Opera House" [sic!], "Tivoli Opera House, San Francisco, Cal., Destroyed by Earthquake and Fire, April 18th, 1906"
Handwritten Front Text: "Hier die erwünschten Karten. Dieselben sind die ersten erhältlich."
Publisher: Souvenir Postcard Co., New York; 4625F
Type: Undivided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from New York City to Potsdam (Germany), 12 May 1906

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