San Francisco, CA: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Country: United States of America
State: California
City: San Francisco
Location: Civic Center; 99 Grove Street

Concert and multi-purpose hall, built 1913-1915 by John Galen Howard, Frederick Herman Meyer and John W. Reid, Jr. Opened 1915 as "Exposition Auditorium", a part of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. 1916 renamed "San Francisco Civic Auditorium". 1992 renamed "Bill Graham Civic Auditorium" in honour of the rock concert impresario Bill Graham (1931-1991).

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San Francisco, CA: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Front Text: "Exposition Auditorium, Civic Center, San Francisco, California"
Reverse Text: ""
Publisher: Pacific Stationery & Specialty Company, San Francisco; 26
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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