Salt Lake City, UT: Salt Lake Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Utah
City: Salt Lake City
Location: State Street / 100 South

Founded by Mormon leader Brigham Young. Built 1861-1862. Interior designed by by Elias L. T. Harrison. Opened 6 March 1862. Ca. 1200 seats. Closed 20 Oct 1928. Subsequently demolished in favour of a telephone exchange building.

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Salt Lake City, UT: Salt Lake Theatre Front Text: "Salt Lake Theatre. Built by Brigham Young. Salt Lake City, Utah.", sign: "Theatre"
Reverse Text: "Salt Lake Theatre. The founders of Salt Lake City took into consideration the remoteness of its situation at the time they reached the valley, and with foresight and wisdom set about to provide amusement for the people. One of the first buidlings of the city was an amusement hall, to be followed later by a theatre, which still stands after fifty years. Even before the city was connected by rail with the outside world, Salt Lake City was established as an amusement center."
Publisher: H H T Co.
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Preston ID to Malakoff (France) [dated 1919; no stamp or postmark, probably sent in an envelope]

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