St. Louis, MO: Kiel Auditorium and Opera House

Country: United States of America
State: Missouri
City: St. Louis
Location: 1401 Clark Avenue / 1400 Market Street

Multi-purpose hall complex consisting of two parts:

  • Main hall with ca. 9300 seats, opened 1934 as "Municipal Auditorium". 1943 renamed "Kiel Auditorium" in honour of the former mayor of St. Louis, Henry W. Kiel (1872-1942). Demolished 1992 and replaced by a new indoor arena named "Kiel Center" (later renamed "Savvis Center", "Scottrade Center", "Enterprise Center", all after corporate sponsors).
  • Opera house with ca. 3100 seats, opened 1934 as "Municipal Opera House". 1943 renamed "Kiel Opera House". 2009-2010 renovations. Re-opened 2010 as "Peabody Opera House", 2018 renamed "Stifel Theatre" (both after corporate sponsors).

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St. Louis, MO: Kiel Auditorium and Opera House Picture: Market Street fašade (opera house)
Reverse Text: "Henry W. Kiel Municipal Auditorium. St. Louis, Mo. The auditorium, outstanding among convention halls in the country, represents an investment of nearly $7,000,000. This beautiful structure contains an opera house; spacious exhibition hall; numerous smaller halls and committee rooms; and an extensive arena. St. Louis, 'The City of a Throusand Sights'."
Publisher: St. Louis Color Postcard Co., St. Louis; P8303
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Mexico MO to Luckerton NJ, 1969

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