Russell, KS: Deines Cultural Center

Country: United States of America
State: Kansas
City: Russell
Location: 820 N Main Street

Built 1878 as a furniture store. 1990 converted into an arts centre. The art gallery also hosts classical concerts during the "Ad Astra Music Festival".

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Russell, KS: Deines Cultural Center Front Text: "Welcome to the home of Bob Dole, Russell, Kansas", inscription: "[...]ultural Center"
Reverse Text: "Russell is proud of its native son, former U.S. Senator Robert Dole. Russell also is homoe to the Deines Cultural Center which features the wood engravings of nationally known artist E. Hubert Deines and rotating exhibits of other artists. The building originally housed Deines Brothers Furnitore Store."
Publisher: Avery Postcards, Wichita KS; RS-1
Size: Modern
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