Princeton, NJ: Alexander Hall

Country: United States of America
State: New Jersey
City: Princeton
Location: Princeton University; Class of 1975 Walk

Built 1892-1894 by William Appleton Potter as a university convocation hall, funded by a donation of Harriet Crocker Alexander. Named in honour of her late husband, Charles B. Alexander, his father Henry M. Alexander and his grandfather Reverend Dr. Archibald Alexander. 1910 installation of an organ. Mainly used for university events. 1984-1985 major renovations by James R. Grieves. Auditorium renamed "Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall" in honour of David B. Richardson (father of the major sponsor David A. Richardson). Subsequently mainly used as a concert hall and for university events. Occasionally also used for opera, ballet, and drama performances. 891 seats.

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Princeton, NJ: Alexander Hall Reverse Text: "Alexander Hall, Princeton University"
Publisher: Stanley Brick, Hamilton NJ; II-0097
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Princeton, NJ: Alexander Hall Postal Card with First Day Postmark (USA, 1996)
Front Text: "Alexander Hall"
Text on Printed Stamp: "Alexander Hall, Princeton University 250th Anniversary"
Postmark: "Princeton NJ - Sep 20 1996 - 08540"
Publisher: USPS; Colorano 'Silk' Cachet
Size: Classic
Not sent.

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