Portland, OR: Antoinette Hatfield Hall

Country: United States of America
State: Orgeon
City: Portland
Location: 1111 Southwest Broadway

Built 1987 by Broome, Oringdulph, O'Toole, Rudolf, Boles & Associates, Barton Myers, and ELS. Opened Aug 1987 as "New Theater Building" of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts (PCPA). 2007 renamed in honour of the patron of the arts, Antoinette Hatfield (1929-). Operated as part of "Portland'5 Centers for the Art". The complex contains three halls: Dolores Winningstad Theatre, Newmark Theatre and Brunish Theatre.

Links: www.portland5.com, Wikipedia

Portland, OR: Antoinette Hatfield Hall Front Text: "Portland, Oregon"
Reverse Text: "Portland Center for the Performing Arts. Footlights shine through the glass stairwells and balconies of Portland's new performing arts complex which opened in August 1987. The building houses the 916 seat Intermediate and 368 seat DOlores Winningstad Theatres."
Publisher: Smith Wesstern, Portland OR; DP-3371
Size: Modern
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