Paterson, NJ: Fabian Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: New Jersey
City: Paterson
Location: 45 Church Street

Theatre and cinema, built 1925 by Fred Wesley Wentworth. Opened 15 Dec 1925. Closed 1993 and abandoned; interior demolished.

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Paterson, NJ: Fabian Theatre Picture: very right: theatre entrance
Front Text: "The Fabian Theatre Building, Paterson, N. J.", sign: "Fabian"
Reverse Text: "Fabian Building. Paterson, New Jersey. The Fabian Building, located on Church and Ellison Streets, is a splendid example of a modern, fire-proof office building. It also contains the Fabian Theatre, with a seating capacity of 3500, one of the country's most beautiful theatres. It is eight stories high, and is built of yellow brick and white granite. Recently completed at a cost of nearly $2,000,000."
Publisher: Photo and Art Postal Card Co., New York; 125632
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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