Pasadena, CA: Pasadena Playhouse

Country: United States of America
State: California
City: Pasadena
Location: 39 S El Molino Avenue

Built 1924 by Elmer Grey, A. Dwight Gibbs and Cyril Bennet. Opened as "Pasadeny Community Playhouse". 686 seats.

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Pasadena, CA: Pasadena Playhouse Front Text: "Pasadena Community Playhouse, Pasadena, California"
Reverse Text: "The Pasadena Community Playhouse is considered the outstanding community theatre of the country and enjoys an international reputation for the excellence and variety of its productions."
Handwritten Reverse Text: dated 1948
Publisher: Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles; 6A-H2621
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

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