Omaha, NE: Orpheum Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Nebraska
City: Omaha
Location: 409 S 16th Street

Built 1926-1927, replacing a former theatre (opened 1895 as Creighton Theater, later renamed Orpheum Theatre). Opened 9 Oct 1927 as "Orpheum Theatre". From 1940 used as a cinema. 1975 major renovations, re-opened as a live theatre. 2002 major renovations. 2017 renovations. Originally 2976 seats, now 2600 seats.

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Omaha, NE: Orpheum Theatre Front Text: "Orpheum Theater, Omaha, Nebraska"
Reverse Text: "Orpheum Theater, Omaha, Nebraska. Orpheum Theater - Home of Omaha's Opera, Symphony and Ballet companies. Built 1927, restored 1975."
Publisher: Dunlap Post Card Co., Omaha
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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