New York, NY: Theatre Row

Country: United States of America
State: New York
City: New York
Borough: Manhattan
Location: 410 West 42nd Street

Complex of five Off-Broadway theatres and a smaller studio theatre. Opened in the 1970s. 1999 rebuilding. The complex contains the following theatres:

  • Acorn Theatre (199 seats)
  • Samuel Beckett Theatre (99 seats)
  • Harold Clurman Theatre (99 seats)
  • Rodney Kirk Theatre (99 seats)
  • Lion Theatre (99 seats)
  • Studio Theatre (55 seats)
After this project of replacing adult entertainment venues with theatres was succesful, more Off-Broadway theatres were opened in that part of the street. Hence, the original project is now often referred to as "Theatre Row Building", while "Theatre Row" is used for the stretch of 42nd Street where it is located.

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New York, NY: Theatre Row
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