New York, NY: Theatre 80 St. Marks

Country: United States of America
State: New York
City: New York
Borough: Manhattan
Location: East Village; 80 St. Marks Place (between 1st & 2nd Avenue)

Opened as a speakeasy cabaret in the 1920s. Later used for musical performances (including "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"). 1971 converted into a cinema (165 seats). Subsequently used for revivals of classic movies. Since 1984, re-converted into a theatre proper. Until 2009, home to the "Pearl Theatre" company. Used for drama performances, mainly of classic pieces.

Notable world premieres:

  • Marvin Pletzke: The Three Zeks
  • Dale Ramsey: Deep Swimmer

Links:, Off-Broadway Database, Wikidata

New York, NY: Theatre 80 St. Marks Front Text: on sign: "Theatre - 80 St. Marks"; on canopy: Thea Pearl Theatre Company
Reverse Text: "Pearl Theatre St. Marks Place"
Publisher: Louis Poli Computer Art
Size: Modern
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