New York, NY: Hippodrome

Country: United States of America
State: New York
City: New York
Borough: Manhattan
Location: 456-470 Sixth Avenue / 51-79 West 43rd Street / 48-78 West 44th Street

Built 1905 by Frederick Thompson and Jay H. Morgan for John Gates. Opened 12 April 1905 with "A Yankee Circus on Mars". 4678 seats. Mainly used for spectacular variety productions (featuring water ballets, sea battles etc. due to a large liftable stage that could be flooded from tanks holding 1.5 million litres of water). 1923 converted into a conventional vaudeville theatre by Thomas Lamb, including the removal of the water tanks. Also used as a cinema since 1927. Closed 1929. Re-opened 1935 with Rodgers & Hart's circus spectacular "Jumbo". Subsequently used for various big events. Demolished 1939.

[Currently the site is occupied by an office building and a parking garage.]

New York, NY: Hippodrome Front Text: "The Hippodrome, New York", on building: "Hippodrome - The Plunging Horses - The Riders and A Yankee Circus on Mars"
Publisher: IPC&N Co.; 96-26
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Brooklyn NY to Mulliken MI, 1907

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