New York, NY: Fifth Avenue Theatre (1891)

Country: United States of America
State: New York
City: New York
Borough: Manhattan
Location: 27-31 West 28th Street / Broadway

[First "Fifth Avenue Theatre" on the site built 1873 by Stephen Decatur Hatch by rebuilding the former "Apollo Hall" for the theatre manager, Augustin Daly. Opened 3 Dec 1873. Destroyed by a fire in 1891.]

Second theatre built 1891 by Francis Hatch Kimball. 1529 seats. Originally used for drama performances, since 1900 used for vaudeville shows. Since 1915, also used as a cinema. From 1929, used for burlesque performances. Demolished 1939 in favour of an office building.

New York, NY: Fifth Avenue Theatre (1891) Reverse Text: 28th Street Fašade
Reverse Text: "New Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York City, 1899"
Publisher: Museum of the City of New York; "On Stage"; Pomegranate, Rohnert Park CA
Type: card from a postcard book
Size: Modern
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