Notre Dame, IN: Moreau Center for the Arts

Country: United States of America
State: Indiana
City: Notre Dame
Location: Saint Mary's College campus; Le Mans Drive

Performing arts center of Saint Mary's College, named in honour of Basil Moreau (1799-1873), the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross. The complex includes two halls, O'Laughlin Auditorium (1300 seats) and Little Theatre (275 seats).

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Notre Dame, IN: Moreau Center for the Arts Reverse Text: "Saint Mary's College. Notre Dame, Indiana. O'Laughlin Auditorium, theater unit of the Fine Arts Center, Moreau Hall, seating thirteen hundred, offers a program of lectures, drama, opera, ballet and symphony. Jean Charlot's fourteen frescoes at the entrance represent the Fine Arts."
Publisher: Penrod Studio, Berrien Center MI; Dexter Press; 8393-C
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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