Miami, FL: Coconut Grove Playhouse

Country: United States of America
State: Florida
City: Miami
Location: 3500 Main Highway

Built 1926 by Kiehnel and Elliott. Opened 3 Jan 1927 as a cinema named "Coconut Grove Theatre". 1500 seats. From 1930 used as a cinema. Closed in World War II. 1956 rebuilding by Alfred Browining Parker. Re-opened 3 June 1956 as a live theatre named "Coconut Grove Playhouse". Closed 2006.

Links: CinemaTreasures, Wikipedia

Miami, FL: Coconut Grove Playhouse Reverse Text: "Stars of stage and screen appear in person at the luxurious Coconut Grove Playhouse in the latest hit plays and musicals. Located in Miami, Florida."
Publisher: Florida Natural Color, Miami; FNC 3684 26199
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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