McAllen, TX: Palace Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Texas
City: McAllen
Location: 201 S Main Street

Cinema, active ca. 1930-1969. Later converted into retail space.

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McAllen, TX: Palace Theatre Picture: right: Palace Theatre
Front Text: signs: "Palace", "Cinemascope", marquee: advertising the 1954 film "Garden of Evil"
Reverse Text: "Main Street of McAllen, Texas. Nick-named the City of Palms and known throughout the nation for its warm winters and plentiful sunshine. And actual weather bureau figures prove it to be one of the coolest summer vacation areas. McAllen was founded in 1904 when 4000 acres were set apart from the John McAllen ranch."
Publisher: Don Bartels, McAllen; DB-199
Type: Divided Bac
Size: Classic
Sent: from McAllen to Offerle KS, 1956

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