Los Angeles, CA: Westlake Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: California
City: Los Angeles
Location: Westlake; 634-642 South Alvarado Street

Cinema, built 1926 by Richard Mortimer Bates Jr. Opened 22 Sep 1926. 1935 exterior renovation by S. Charles Lee. 1991 closed and converted into a flea market. Since 2008 plans to renovate the building and re-open it as a theatre.

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Los Angeles, CA: Westlake Theatre Front Text: "Los Angeles"
Reverse Text: "Los Angeles. California. A view at dusk showing the impressive skyline of the lagrest city in the West."
Publisher: West Coast Publishing Company; 2USCA 263-4
Size: Modern
Not sent. Detail (roof-top sign):
Los Angeles, CA: Westlake Theatre

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