Los Angeles, CA: Loyola Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: California
City: Los Angeles
Location: Westchester; 8610 S Sepulveda Boulevard

Cinema, opened 3 Oct 1946. Closed 1982 and converted into offices.

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Los Angeles, CA: Loyola Theatre, Westchester Front Text: sign: "Loyola", marquee: advertising the 1977 film "Candleshoe"
Reverse Text: "Loyola Theater, Westchester, California. Built in 1947 with a neon-strung 'bow fiddle' tower, the Loyola showed movies into the 1980s. It was remodeled and disfigured in an attempt to make the building into medical offices, and now it stands abandoned."
Publisher: from the postcard book "Palaces of Dreams" by John Margolies; Bulfinch Press; Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1993; ISBN 0-8212-2017-9
Size: Modern
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