Kremmling, CO: Ramona Theater

Country: United States of America
State: Colorado
City: Kremmling
Location: 209 Central Avenue

Cinema, opened 1941. Closed 1981. Later converted into a shop. 1998 interior destroyed by fire; rebuilt as a shop.

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Kremmling, CO: Ramona Theater Front Text: inscription: "Ramona", marquee: advertising the 1980 film "Bronco Billy"
Reverse Text: "Ramona Theater, Kremmling, Colorado. Built in 1937, the 256-seat Ramona showed movies until 1981 and then it became a feed store. A fire destroyed the interior in 1988, and now, with its marquee removed and wood siding on the front, it is back again as a western wear and feed store."
Publisher: from the postcard book "Palaces of Dreams" by John Margolies; Bulfinch Press; Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1993; ISBN 0-8212-2017-9
Size: Modern
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