Jackson, WY: Jackson Hole Playhouse

Country: United States of America
State: Wyoming
City: Jackson
Location: 145 W Deloney Avenue

Built 1915 as a stable. Later used as stage coach station, a car shop, bowling alley and post office. 1948 converted into a theatre by theatre director Vera Cheney. First named "Diamond Littles", then "Dirty Jacks", "The Pink Garter", and finally "The Jackson Hole Playhouse".

Links: www.jacksonplayhouse.com, Wikidata

Jackson, WY: Jackson Hole Playhouse Front Text: "Jackson Hole Playhouse Theatre", "Jackson, Wymoing", inscription: "Jackson Hole Play House", sign: "Little Mary Sunshine"
Reverse Text: "Jackson Hole Playhouse Theatre, Jackson, Wyoming 83001. Jackson's first live stage-show Theatre, in continuous operation since 1959. One of the oldest buildings, located in the Original Town Site of Jackson, on Deolney Street."
Publisher: Seaich Card & Souvenir Corp., Salt Lake City; 145495
Size: Modern
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