Hershey, PA: Milton Hershey School - Founders Hall

Country: United States of America
State: Pennsylvania
City: Hershey
Location: East Governor Road / Meadow Lane

Chapel and multi-purpose auditorium of Milton Hershey School, built 1967-1970. Opened 13 Sep 1970. Named in honour of the school's founders, Milton S. Hershey and Catherine Hershey.

Links: www.mhskids.org, Wikidata

Hershey, PA: Milton Hershey School - Founders Hall Reverse Text: "Milton Hershey School. Hershey, Pennsylvania. 'Chocolate Town, U.S.A.' Chapel - Auditorium - Each Sunday morning the young people of Milton Hershey School gather in the school chapel, located in Founders Hall, for a nonsectarian worship service. When converted for secular use, it becomes an auditorium for assemblies, concerts, films, and special programs."
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