Fort Worth, TX: Will Rogers Memorial Center

Country: United States of America
State: Texas
City: Fort Worth
Location: 3401 W Lancaster Avenue

Entertainment and sports complex, built 1936 by Wyatt C. Hedrick. Named in honour of the American humorist and writer, Will Rogers (1879-1935). The complex contains Will Rogers Coliseum (5652 seats), Will Rogers Auditorium (2856 seats) and several other halls.

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Fort Worth, TX: Will Rogers Memorial Center Front Text: "Auditorium - Tower - Coliseum, Fort Worth, Texas"
Reverse Text: "The Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium, Memorial Tower, and the Fort Worth Municipal Coliseum constitute the central group of permanent buildings serected in connection with the Fort Worth Frontier Centennial. The buildings are located on a tract of more than 200 acres fronting on Federal Highway No. 80."
Publisher: Atlas News Shop, Fort Worth; Kropp & Co., Milwaukee; 63
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