Fort Worth, TX: Cowtown Coliseum

Country: United States of America
State: Texas
City: Fort Worth
Location: Fort Worth Stockyards, 121 East Exchange Avenue

Built 1907-1908 as "North Side Coliseum". Used for livestock shows and entertainment events. After 1936, mostly used for country music concerts and wrestling events. From the 1970s, again used for rodeo events and livestock shows. 1986 renovations. Renamed "Cowtown Coliseum". 3418 seats.

[Note: The building is not identical with Will Rogers Coliseum at Will Rogers Memorial Center, Fort Worth.]

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Fort Worth, TX: Cowtown Coliseum Front Text: text on building: "Home of Amusement Enterprises"
Reverse Text: "Historically Famous North Side Coliseum. Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas. Located in the western atmosphere of the Packing House District, this amusement center has been a Fort Worth Show Place for over fity years. This all-purpose Coliseum seats 5000 and more than 250,000 fans annually enjoy the thrills of big-time wrestling and dancing here. The Livestock Exchange Building and Packing Plant area are seen in the distance."
Publisher: John A. Stryker, Western Color, Fort Worth; Plastichrome; P11490
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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