Flat Rock, NC: Flat Rock Playhouse

Country: United States of America
State: North Carolina
City: Flat Rock (in Henderson County)
Location: 2661 Greenville Highway / Thomas Wolfe Drive

Built 1952 for the "Vagabond Players" company. 1961 declared "State Theatre of North Carolina". 500 seats.

Links: flatrockplayhouse.org, Wikipedia

Flat Rock, NC: Flat Rock Playhouse Front Text: sign: "Flat Rock Playhouse. Home of 'The Vagabond Players'. The State Theatre of North Carolina"
Reverse Text: "Flat Rock Playhouse. Flat Rock, N. C. Oldest professional summer theatre in the State, and since 1961 the State Theatre of North Carolina. Vagabond Players present Broadway productions late June to early September."
Publisher: Asheville Post Card Co., Asheville NC; KH31
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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