Evansville, IN: Mesker Amphitheatre

Country: United States of America
State: Indiana
City: Evansville
Location: Mesker Park; West Summit Drive

Open-air theatre, built 1951. Funded by a bequest of iron works owner George L. Mesker (1857-1936). 5500 chairs plus 3000 lawn seats. Closed 2012 and abandoned.

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Evansville, IN: Mesker Amphitheatre Reverse Text: "Mesker Memorial Amphitheater. Mesker Park, Evansville, Indiana. The nation's newest and finest Open-Air Amphiteater, gift of the late George L. Mesker, this huge and splendidly appointed outdoor theater seats more than 6,000 and features a summer-night series of bigtime entertainment."
Publisher: Johnson Wholesale Col, Seymour IN; 47735-B
Size: Classic
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