East Haddam, CT: Goodspeed Opera House

Country: United States of America
State: Connecticut
City: East Haddam
Location: 6 Main Street

Built 1876-1877 for William Goodspeed. Opened 24 Oct 1877. Used for plays and other entertainment. Later used as a militia base and a storage facility. 1959-1963 major restoration. Reopened 8 June 1963 with the musical "Oh, Lady! Lady!". Operated by the "Goodspeed Musicals" company. Often used for pre-Broadway tryouts of major musicals.

Notable world premieres:

  • Mitch Leigh: The Man of La Mancha (1965)
  • Charles Strouse: Annie (10 Aug 1976)

Links: www.goodspeed.org, Wikipedia

East Haddam, CT: Goodspeed Opera House Reverse Text: "Goodspeed Opera House. East Haddam, Connecticut was built in 1876 by ship builder William Goodspeed. For 30 years it offered 'occasional entertainment;' and then faded into theatrical inactivity and was later condemned. In 1959, the Goodspeed Opera House foundation was formed and a complete restoration was begun. Today Goodspeed is a historical landmark offering excellent musical theater to all. Home of Man of La Mancha."
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