Detroit, MI: Detroit Opera House (3rd)

Country: United States of America
State: Michigan
City: Detroit
Location: 1526 Broadway

Built 1921 as a cinema and vaudeville theatre by C. Howard Crane. Opened 12 Jan 1922 as "Capitol Theatre". 1929 renamed "Paramount Theatre", 1934 renamed "Broadway-Capitol Theatre", 1960 renamed "Grand Circus Theatre". Closed 1978. Used as a music venue in the early 1980s. Closed 1985. 1989- major renovation and rebuilding. Re-opened as "Detroit Opera House". Originally ca. 3500 seats, currently ca. 2700 seats. Home to the Michigan Opera Theatre.

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Detroit, MI: Detroit Opera House (3rd) Reverse Text: "Detroit Opera House. Decorative Motif."
Publisher: MJM Photography
Size: Modern
Sent: from Detroit to Ravensburg (Germany), 2012

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