Detroit, MI: Gem Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Michigan
City: Detroit
Location: 333 Madison Street (until 1997: 59 E Columbia Street)

Built 1927 by George D. Mason. On 16 October 1997 the Gem Theatre and adjacent Century Theatre were moved 563 m to their new location at 333 Madison Street. Re-opened 1998.

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Detroit, MI: Gem Theatre Reverse Text: "'What you get is perfection in relative miniature. There is a noble feeling involved, as if a show here were a private showing for you and 449 peers beneath a ceiling of gilded frescoes.' Lawrence DeVine, Free Press Theater Critic"; "The Gem is located across Woodward from the fabulous Fox and is now the home of Detroit's finest entertainment."
Publisher: Balthazar Korab Ltd.
Size: Modern
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