Des Moines, IA: Civic Center

Country: United States of America
State: Iowa
City: Des Moines
Location: 221 Walnut Street

Performing arts centre, built by Charles Hebert & Associates. Opened 14 June 1979 with a performance by Des Moines Ballet. The complex contains the main theatre hall (2744 seats) and a studio theatre (200 seats). Home to Des Moines Symphony and other local arts organizations.

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Des Moines, IA: Civic Center Front Text: "The Civic Center of greater Des Moines, Iowa"
Reverse Text: "Civic Center, Des Moines, Iowa. The 2745-seat theater of Des Moines Civic Center is one of the Midwest's finest new homes for the performing arts."
Publisher: Dunlap Post Card Co., Omaha NE; 401111
Size: Modern
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