Denver, CO: Victory Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Colorado
City: Denver
Location: 1660 Curtis Street

Cinema, opened 11 Oct 1910 as "Princess Theatre". 1919 renamed "Victory Theatre". Closed in the 1930s. Demolished.

[From 1937, the name was used for another theatre in 1621 Curtis Street, built 1907 as "Majestic Theatre", then "Empress Theatre", "Pantages Theatre", "Center Theatre", "New Victory Theatre" and finally "Victory Theatre" until its closing in 1969.]

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Denver, CO: Victory Theatre Front Text: "Princess Theatre at Night, Denver, Colo.", sign: "Princess"
Reverse Text: "Princess Theatre at Night. This view shows why Denver has been given the title of 'City of Lights.' There is no city in the world more beautifully or extensively lighted than Denver. From the mountains looking down upon the city at night, Denver resembles a gigantic diamond tiara spread out upon the plains. Denver, the City of Opportunities. Ask Its Chamber of Commerce."
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Size: Classic
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